Bahama Mama BBQ


Bahama Mama BBQ started out as a way to make extra income for the family. The owner would have get -togethers and make pies and cook meals for her band, friends and family on special occasions and they would rave about her cooking. One summer back in 2005 she decided to start cooking and selling tacos, hamburgers, salads, etc. out of her home to a local childcare business. They loved the food and it kept her busy, but then a month later, she got an offer to perform (sing) with her band, The BabyDolls, in Koh Samui, Thailand. Catering was on hold but when time allowed, she took special orders....Then in 2007, Kenyatta while walking through the aisle of a Food-4-Less, decided to send out a text message to her cellphone contacts offering pies for $10 each. Eureka! That year she and her 4 children and husband worked diligently together to turn out 150 pies before Xmas! That was just Part I of the beginning of how it all began...Tune in soon for Part II ....